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Online forums have revealed an Antifa chapter is telling agitated leftists looking to counter a right-leaning rally set for this weekend in Portland, Oregon to “bring their own guns.”

Antifa is known for its history of violence.

Bearing Arms reports:

For example, it was Antifa that attacked a peaceful protest by right-wing activists in Berkeley last year. During that event, Antifa threw M80 firecrackers inside of glass bottles, trying to turn them into makeshift grenades. They also threw rocks, used clubs, and other various weapons in their assaults.

That was the same time a Berkeley professor reportedly used a bike lock to assault someone for having the temerity to disagree with him.

More recently, a march in Portland earlier this year turned violent after Antifa clashed with members of Patriot Prayer.

The truth is, Antifa isn’t a peaceful organization who finds itself clashing with their ideological opponents. They’re an extremist group that actively seeks confrontation in the form of violence. They openly defend the use of violence on the grounds that it’s the other side who is really violent.

If anyone should leave their guns at home, it’s unhinged liberals who don’t know the first thing about firearms – and who want to start fights with anyone who dares to politically oppose them.

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