Via American Action News:

The tactics of the radical left have become incrementally more extreme and include blocking roadways during rush hour, a move sure to endear you to commuters – wait, what?!

In Europe, leftists have gone even further, trying to hold up trains and clog up rail lines, which has lead to violence. 

While this is all foreseeable to you and me, liberal loons aren’t quick learners, case in point: the imbecile in the video above.

RedState reports:

Yesterday, a video surfaced of an Antifa protestor trying to block an SUV. The protestor has some kind of weapon in his hand (which you’ll see later clearly) an is wearing a black mask and backup (the typical getup).

While the guy tweeting the video (it’s originally from Live Leak’s site) says this is “extinction rebellion,” that’s not really much of a thing in the U.S. and you can clearly hear the driver is American. This is likely just a regular, Antifa anti-capitalist. You can see that the man in the SUV got out tried to get the protestor to move, but he came right back into the road.

The broader point here is that this has to stop. People can have their political issues and believe deeply in them. That doesn’t give them a right to block roads and attempt to assault people. And if that happens, they shouldn’t be surprised if someone defends themself.

I’m not going to just relish in or laugh at the Antifa protestor getting beat down here, because in the end, it’s a serious issue and testament to deep problems in our society. This stuff just needs to stop. We can’t co-exist if people can’t have basic respect for other’s space, time, and livelihoods.

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