Via American Action News:

Radicalized Antifa members at a climate change protest decided to use their moment in the spotlight to attack police officers.

Fox News reports:

“This group that demonstrated on Friday was a bit younger than what the average Antifa member is … these were their youth wings,” Ngo told “Fox & Friends.”

The comments came after Antifa members were caught on camera harassing police in the area of a climate change rally. One member called a police officer a “pig” and another told a cop to “shut the f— up.”

On Friday, hundreds of thousands protested climate change around the world. Australia, with more than 300,000 protesters taking to the streets around the country, saw its largest demonstration since the start of the Iraq War in 2003.

However, in Portland, a faction of masked Antifa militants dressed in black harassed police officers.


Police made multiple arrests throughout the day. One suspect reportedly had several weapons, including brass knuckles and a switchblade.

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