Photo by Jonund ([email protected]/2192192956) via Flickr

Investigative reporting exposed a CNN award-winning journalist as a serial plagiarizer.

Now, he may find himself in even deeper trouble. (Washington Examiner)

Claas Relotius, 33, is facing new accusations that he solicited donations for orphans of the war in Syria, donations that he ultimately pocketed, reported CBS.

As part of the scandal over the former CNN International’s Journalist of the Year, residents of Fergus Falls, Minn., dispelled a variety of falsehoods in his piece “ In a small town” that took aim at “the people who pray for Trump on Sundays.” Relotius is accused of making up quotes, interview subjects, and facts in potentially dozens of stories spanning years.

Der Spiegel, for which Relotius wrote, said readers had contacted the German news magazine about donations Relotius collected from readers who had emailed him about his 2016 story about two Syrian children living on the streets of Turkey, according to CNN.

Representatives for Der Spiegel said the magazine will press charges against him.

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