Via Trump Train News:

Andrew Giuliani has officially joined the conservative network Newsmax as a contributor. While working in the White House, Giuliani appeared on Newsmax a number of times.

Newsmax surged in popularity during the election as Trump often told conservatives to stray away from Fox News and move towards competitors like Newsmax or One America News.

The Hill reports:

Giuliani announced the news Thursday on the radio show of his father Rudy Giuliani, a former adviser and personal attorney for President Trump. He started in the role this week.

Like his father, Andrew Giuliani also worked in the Trump White House and the Newsmax job is, he said, a way “to continue the meaning” he had found during his time there.

In 2017, Trump hired Giuliani as an associate director in the Office of Public Liaison, a department that manages relationships outside interest groups. The next year Trump promoted him, even though Giuliani had his West Wing access revoked.

Last December, Trump also gave Giuliani a spot on the United States Memorial Holocaust Council. Giuliani has described Trump as a “father figure.”

Newsmax also welcomed another Trump administration official Sean Spicer to its ranks last year.

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