Via Trump Train News:

Attorney General Bill Barr is launching a new investigation into the Obama-era “unmasking” scandal of Michael Flynn. Barr has appointed another US Attorney to assist US Attorney Jonh Durham who is currently looking into the origins of the Russia probe.

According to The Daily Wire:

“So, John Durham, as part of his investigation, had been looking at the issue of unmasking. And the attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed separately, as a support to John Durham’s investigation,” Kupec said. “So, he tapped John Bash, one of our U.S. attorneys out of Texas, to do just that.”

“And, Sean, obviously, we know that unmasking inherently isn’t wrong. But, certainly, the frequency, the motivation and the reasoning behind unmasking can be problematic,” Kupec continued. “And when you’re looking at unmasking as part of a broader investigation, like John Durham’s investigation, looking specifically at who was unmasking whom can add a lot to our understanding about motivation and big-picture events.”

“Well, that’s why the attorney general determined that it was appropriate to look at unmasking as a support to John Durham’s investigation, and looking specifically at episodes both before and after the election,” Kupec responded. “And, like I said, the frequency, who was unmasking whom, these — all of these circumstances and events can shed light and give us a better understanding of what happened with respect to President Trump, his campaign, then, of course, what happened after he was elected as well.”

U.S. Attorney John Durham was tasked last year with conducting an administrative review of the origins of the Russia investigation and, during the course of the review, turned into a full scale criminal investigation and expanded in size based on evidence that was reportedly found.

Barr has stated that the investigation launched into Michael Flynn was not legitimate and was a major reason for the dismissal of charges.


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