Actress Tessa Thompson stated during the premiere of the latest installment of the “Men in Black” franchise that she would like to see the title of the film changed to something more politically correct in future sequels. As The Daily Wire reports:

Speaking with reporters at the New York premiere of the latest film, Tessa Thompson said the franchise’s masculine title will suffice for now, but it may get an update in the future to something more inclusive.

“I pitched some ideas like ‘People in Black,’ but that would be ‘PiB,’ which sounds like a sandwich,” Thompson said. “I pitched ‘Humans in Black,’ which would be ‘HiB,’ which sounds like something you don’t want to get.”

“I think we can change the name at some point,” she continued. “I hope we can get to the space where it’s not noteworthy when women topline these films, and I think a film like this helps us get there.”

In the same interview, Tessa Thompson also praised the film’s co-star, Emma Thompson, for being a solid guide on gender representation in major film franchises.

Whether fans of the franchise would share Thompson’s enthusiasm for such a social justice inspired name change remains to be seen.

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