Actor Adam Driver who is in the movie “Star Wars’ recently credited his service in the military for his acting success.

According to Fox News:

Born in San Diego but raised in the small town of Mishawaka, Ind., Driver joined the Marines at age 17 shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks. Driver told The Associated Press Wednesday it was his time in the service that gave him the courage he needed to become an actor.

Driver said his time in the service helped tear down some of the inhibitions he endured while attempting to pursue an acting career. He even relocated to New York City, convincing himself that if his efforts failed, he’d be OK on the streets.

“You have that kind of like survival mentality in the military,” said the star. “It gives you a lot of confidence going back out into the world.”

And even though Driver would go on to find fame, he never forgot his roots. Not long after Driver kicked off his acting career, he took action to help his fellow military veterans with his charity, Arts in the Armed Forces. According to the outlet, the organization is dedicated to providing arts programming for active duty service members, veterans, as well as military support staff and their families.”

Driver served in the military for three years. He was never deployed due to an injury sustained while in service.

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