Via TTN:

House Democrats can’t seem to convince lawmakers to run for another term as yet another has announced his retirement. California’s Alan Lowenthal is retiring after five terms in the House of Representatives.

United States Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Fox News reports:

Lowenthal, who will step down after serving for 10 years in the House of Representatives after two decades in municipal and state government, becomes the 20th Democratic lawmaker to retire or run for different office in 2022 midterm elections, as the party tries to defend its razor-thin majority in the chamber. Twelve House Republicans are retiring or seeking another office next year.

“It is time to pass the baton. It is time to rest and surround myself with the benefits of a life well lived and earned honorably in the service of my fellow citizens,” the 80-year-old Lowenthal explained in a statement announcing his retirement.

The Democrat from Long Beach, California was first elected to the city council in 1992, serving six years. He then spent six years representing Long Beach in the California State Assembly and another six in the state Senate before winning election to Congress in 2012.

“Almost 30 years ago to the day, I made the decision to run for the Long Beach City Council because I felt that my councilmember didn’t listen to me or my neighbors,” Lowenthal noted. “Every day since, over three decades of public service, I have recommitted myself to listening to you, to serving your interests, and doing my best for you.”

Who will throw in the towel next?

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1 year ago

Every single one of the low life Demo RATS need to be tried for Treason and executed by hanging for their communistic authoritarianism in the handling of the #CoronaSCAM2020 and all of the federal, state and county election laws using #CoronaSCAM2020 as a catalyst to commit the theft of the rights of legal voters! As well as stealing a very fundamental right to all US Citizens the right to freedom of speech! They should all be stripped of their rights to ever hold any type of public office and have to pay back every penny they have stolen from citizens! At that point we would not have a national debt we would have a national surplus!

7 months ago

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