Trump Jr. Mocks Elizabeth Warren's Awkward Beer Moment
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Trump Jr. Mocks Elizabeth Warren's Awkward Beer Moment

Donald Trump Jr. took to twitter, Wednesday, to mock Elizabeth Warren's awkward beer viedo. 

The Senator made a point to drink a beer in an Instagram live video, ostensibly in an attempt to appear relatable.

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In the video, Warren welcomed viewers before awkwardly making a point of getting a beer to drink. Responding to the video, Trump Jr. tweeted: “‘Wow so woke and genuine, she really is one of us’ SAID NO ONE EVER!!! Between this and the notion that is was a great idea to run with the yea 1/1024th really is Native American, I really want to know who is advising her... and buy that person a beer.”

Warren, 69, has long claimed Native American ancestry because of a story passed down through her family. President Donald Trump has used this in his attacks on Warren, a potential 2020 election challenger against him, calling her “Fauxcahontas.”

Warren took to Instagram for her live video on New Year’s Eve after announcing she will form an exploratory presidential committee, confirming her interest in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

She launched the committee in a separate video which featured personal images of her family at home. Oklahoma-born Warren spoke about her early life in America and the hard work of her parents to give her opportunities that were not available to them.  

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