MS-13 Gangster Used Toddler for THIS, Reportedly


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MS-13 Gangster Used Toddler for THIS, Reportedly

The El Salvadorian gang MS-13 is at it again.

Since the 1970s, the international criminal syndicate has taken advantage of America's porous borders and sanctuary jurisdictions, spreading its tentacles deep into the United States.

Now, they have reached new lows – using toddlers from god knows where to pose as migrants seeking asylum. (Breitbart)

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents found a migrant with a small child he allegedly claimed to be his daughter. The child was determined to be infected with chickenpox, according to information obtained from El Centro Sector Border Patrol officials.

Further investigation, including a biometric background investigation, revealed the man to have ties to the MS-13 gang. Investigators also determined the little girl is not the child of the man attempting to make a family migrant claim, officials tweeted.


The migrant could face federal charges related to human smuggling and immigration violations.


In an effort to detect and deter these attempts at false family claims, ICE deployed dozens of teams of HSI special agents, Breitbart News reported in April. In early results, ICE told Breitbart News on Thursday that about 25 percent of the cases investigated by HSI resulted in the determination of false family claims. The agency is also testing a "rapid DNA" program to quickly prove or disprove claimed parent-child relationships.

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