Major Globalist Organization to Blame for Weapons Black Market
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Major Globalist Organization to Blame for Weapons Black Market

The annual meeting of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) reveals the glaring incompetence and hypocrisy of the United Nations. 

The ATT continues to fail, severely damaged by a shoddy premise that places the blame for violence on firearms – not poor governance. (

For decades now, the UN has lectured the globe, and specifically U.S. civilian firearms possessors, about the peaceful world order, that would magically occur, only after arms were entirely controlled from manufacture to destruction.

Individuals and nations alike were scolded, and blamed, for the existence of 
world, and local, violence. We were told, over and over, that the violence was caused by our failure to control the presence of feverishly propagating weapons.

Gun owners 
were lectured that it was our moral duty to agree with the UN and to disarm quickly. We were additionally scolded and advised that our weapons were diverted into the Black Market because we owned too many, or because we owned any at all.

Gun control proponent Allison Pytlak explains that a benefit of the ‘new’ ATT would be, “the closing of legal loopholes to prevent diversion of arms to illicit markets … stopping diversion should result in fewer arms finding their ways to militias, criminal, and terrorists.” Though Pytlak argues this nicely, the fact that U.S. citizens privately hold approximately 320 million firearms, that rarely enter the Black Market arena, seems to eludes her thought process.

If the U.N. is not able to control its weapons, how can they expect others to do so?

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