Cohen Gets Tough Sentence


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Cohen Gets Tough Sentence

President Trump's former lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday

UK Daily Mail reports:

Cohen, a lawyer, 'should have known better,' said the judge, following dramatic courtroom arguments that featured repeated references to President Trump – including his attacks on Cohen as 'weak' and a 'rat' and Cohen's own explanation of why he decided to provide information against him.

Cohen, who shed tears in the courtroom as he sought leniency, won't have to report to jail until March 6, and could still get a further discount to his time if he cooperates.

An anguished Cohen pleaded with a Judge William Pauley to be able to stay out of jail, and expressed regret for trying to cover up former employer Donald Trump's 'dirty deeds.'

He also will have to hand over to the government nearly $2 million in combined restitution and fines, having dodged taxes while assembling real estate and taxi business holdings as a top hand to the Trump Organization.

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