Another Prominent Dem Accused of Sexual Assault


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Another Prominent Dem Accused of Sexual Assault

The former leader of the California Democratic Party stands accused of forcibly coercing a male staffer into having oral sex several times and threatening him to keep quiet.

In a lawsuit against the California Democratic Party and former Chairman Eric Bauman, Bauman's alleged victim and onetime assistant, William Floyd accused Bauman of going so far as to say "if you cross me, I will break you."

The Washington Examiner's Brent Scher reports:

The lawsuit also says the party failed to properly respond to Bauman's conduct and then took action to try to make Floyd quit.

Bauman, who resigned due to other sexual assault allegations, denies the allegation from Floyd, according to the report.


Floyd says he told senior members of the party about incidents with Bauman before he was forced to relocate.

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